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Monday, July 16, 2012


Well I have come back to make another (long overdue) post.
My MTT game has been making slow steady strides, no final tables yet, but my patience is in check most times and I feel that a final table is soon on the horizon.
I had finished the month of June with a positive ROI but this month has been so different, I have fallen into the negative ROI but feel with some perseverance, I am sure to turn this around.

I have been getting a little frustrated with some games I play and have been walking away from my computer due to badbeats and sometimes when I make a big mistake by calling when I should have clearly folded.
I still am having some trouble with tilt as I play micro MTTs, alot of those players are really terrible, more like bingo players.
All I can do is shake my head at the hands I see play out, you see one player make a standard raise with QQ+ and have some player call or push with hands like A2+, any suited/non-suited connectors and small PPs just to get lucky and win, I think to myself, "great, I see alot of chips coming my way", but it rarely ever does as someone else usually gets those chips or I get knocked out by some horribly played hand.
You may ask why I don't move up in stakes, I wish I could, but these bingo players slowly dwindle away my BR to the point where I am left with only a few BIs and if I were to follow BRM rules then with the BR I am left with would require me to play nothing.
ATM I am currently unemployed and making a large deposit is not in the cards(so to speak), so the likely solution to getting out of the micros is out of reach.
You may also say that in order to move up a level you should be able to crush the current level and I believe it to be true, when it comes to cash games that is.
I believe I am a strong tourney player and think I could hold my own in the higher levels but until I can get the finances to do so, I am stuck in the micros.

ATM, I'm in a micro tourney and am SS due to being cards dead and have entered push/fold mode, but this is the micros and when I do get a hand I am sure to get called by some idiot who is just looking to add to his stack regardless of the percentage of his stack it's going to cost him to make the call.